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СloudFlare parser bug

25.02.17 08:36 from admin

Dear participants of the BTC-e project!

On February 23, 2017 Cloudflare officially reported a security problem that caused leakage of sensitive data into html. Cloudflare claims that the risk of data leakage is 1 in 3 300 000 requests (or only 0.00003%).

To prevent unauthorized use of leaked data, we worked out a series of measures and recommendations for our customers:

1) You should change your account password before 20:00 (GMT +3) on 26.02.2017. If you fail to do so, your password will be reset automatically.
If you enabled 2-factor authentication between the 12th and the 20th February 2017, we strongly recommend you disable and re-enable it again.

2) You should re-create your API keys (info, trade, btc-e code withdraw & coupon) before 20:00 (GMT +3) on 26.02.2017.
If you fail to do so, all your keys will be blocked automatically.

3) Cloudflare explicitly mentions that SSL certificates were not leaked. However, we will change SSL certificates for and within the next several days to provide additional security.

For more information about the issue, see Cloudflare’s official blog posting at

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Fitness: I also think segwit plus china unblocking accounts plus Ny Ltc = Mo0o0on

PGT5M: fitness- did china unblock??? I was looking for when they would do that, couldn't find it

johnscsi3: Eth has been flat all week

Arnirockar: Fitness, Well i think eth has a limit that's not too far away

Arnirockar: Just think about eth is already 4.5 bn

HairyT: All that crypto on Chinese exchanges is locked in there....rather than dropping the price it's restricting yes....MoOoOoNNnnNN!

Fitness: PGT5M, Nah not yet and i don't trade on any of them so no don't know but keeping eyes open for that segwit then its the move to lTC

PGT5M: nom nom nom nom......

Fitness: Arnirockar, If it passes old Ath no limit could even pass Dsh

Fitness: but lets get to 47 1 st lol

PGT5M: fitness- interesting, will keep eye on that.....i made commitment to eth so would be hard to split it up, don't want to wreck my house-

melockecoins: See u back at eth 40$ gnite, all in btc.

Surn: ETH is fake news

Fitness: PGT5M, nO your right stick to your plan just keeping an open mind. Ltc underperformed but its not its fault lol eth dash btc took lime light but its the strongest and most stable here

Fitness: Now Nyc segwit and china bk is a great mix if that cant make a come bk nothing will

PGT5M: fitness- interesting- will continue research...yeaup, not going to miss the boat on volume i have in eth...

Fitness: But 1st Eth show

PGT5M: only its first

ZezeGt2: LTC baby

work: buy dat eth


virtual_life: btc -> eth @@

Fitness: up and down slowly near 45 breaking walls slowly slowly

robotdr: eth go up keep buy it if you want 50

Fitness: slowly slowly did i say it enough lol

tapiusone: why doesnt the chart show 45.16?

tapiusone: it shows on

tapiusone: maybe the average over the time?

tapiusone: im looking at 1 min chart there.. this is 15

tapiusone: still should show it..

bcp19: the chart rounds up

tapiusone: bcp19, that makes no sense

tapiusone: its lower here.. anyway.. the tooltip shows it

Fitness: back down then back up then down then Moo0n until we tire the sells or buys who will come 1st

encerr: go eth go

Arnirockar: btc is ded. not even that 400 btc buy can slow it lol

JoseVV: finex 1010!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fitness: lol

Fodil: Eth is taking some rest at 44!

system: ZezeGt2 was banned for 1 days by support

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