Ethereum Classic

27.07.16 19:52 from admin

Dear Clients!

BTC-e’s official standpoint on this issue is as follows: Ethereum Classic in the current circumstances is a scam. The Ethereum community decided to implement the hardfork in order to switch to the new chain. All major pools and exchanges (including BTC-e) did exactly that.

On the second day after the start of ETC trading BTC-e received a notification from Poloniex, saying that we need to secure the ETCs in our ETH wallet. At the time of notification, most of these coins have already been sent to Poloniex by our users. So there were almost none of these coins in our wallet.

We continue to receive requests from our customers demanding to return the ETCs that are supposedly deposited in our ETH wallet. We cannot do that for the reason specified above.

Anyone, who purports that we sent the coins to Poloniex in order to sell them, can check all the transactions on blockchain. All transactions are recorded and it is easy to trace the sender and the volumes of coins sent.

Best Regards,
BTC-e Team
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Ferdous: A huge ltc is sold last few no way to do down.....just up up up p

z1ka: im always buying on red, especialy on resistance

DaSa1988: z1ka, how can you tell resistance ?

facth: z1ka, Looks like after hold support at 21, we are drawing stairs up, we going down only to support (previous resistance points). Now would be around 23. Or you mean now we can definitely test 21 again before go 24?

trackz: LTC next move down?

Crypto_Network: yes

demelol: z1ka, you mean support line, the resistance is where you sell :)

z1ka: its sideways, it cant result in breaking up for sure becase everyone scared buying

Crypto_Network: it will be down.

gotanproject: btc bad for center miners cause global warming

z1ka: demelol, ye, suport, same shit. depends how you look at it ;p

facth: trackz, heyyyyyy, this is my reputed new chart figure i created "3 gays waves" as a bear alarm before dump. See how is driving this market!! :))

gotanproject: ltc is a sheite coin...dont be suckered

Ferdous: We are going up doubt

Crypto_Network: it will touch 24 after that dump to back

Ferdous: New Btc range is 2050-2250

Arnirockar: damn litecoin!!

spbtctrade: when dash il dump

vinnieboy80: trackz, trackz iT Will go down?

Arnirockar: buy litecoin :D

nwton: btc so boring... I need action

Arnirockar: buy litecoin. it's going moon soon

batukhan: nope, coming down again

batukhan: petty daytraders pushing up price. no real volume behind it

Arnirockar: Litecoin moon :D

DaSa1988: batukhan, how can u tell?

Medo3006: I thing that all coins drop down in few days..

mtabrez1986: batukhan, please be inclusive of everyone, some of us even trade at night :-)

Ferdous: batukhan, have you sold all you had??? Hahahahahaha now buy

mtabrez1986: Specially after sahar

bitbug: eth nudging higher- it doesn't want you to know. Don't tell anyone!

trackz: vinnieboy80, yes bro

Arnirockar: omg litecoin moon and bitcoin pump at finex!"

Arnirockar: bitcoin wall at finex almost gone!

giulonline: today is quite

Arnirockar: buy litecoin now :D

giulonline: :)

kareshky: bitcoin will crash soon, write this in your wall, anything cannot go up will crash badly

Arnirockar: bitfinex wall gone!!!

Arnirockar: litecoin moon now!

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