Reduced fees on wire transfer / SEPA deposits

05.03.15 19:30 from admin

BTC-e exchange is happy to announce that fees on wire transfer deposits in USD and EUR have been reduced. The fee is now 20 USD for wire transfers in USD and 15 EUR for SEPA transfers in EUR. The fee becomes fixed, i.e. we’ll only charge you with the mentioned above fee regardless the amount sent. An additional 1% fee of the transferred amount is no longer applied.

We’re doing our best to make BTC-e services as convenient as possible and help you avoid extra fees. Our Team is constantly working on implementing the fastest and the cheapest payment options for our Customers.

We’d like to remind you that wire transfer deposits will be credited to your account within 5-10 days as usual. After your funds have been credited, you’ll need to provide us with your verification documents – ID and Proof of address.

You can find the details for sending a wire transfer / SEPA deposit in the Funds section. Should you have any further questions, please contact our Support.
Take advantage of the reduced fees on wire transfer deposits! We wish you success in trading!

Best Regards,
BTC-e Team
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