Withdrawal of funds on the cards VISA/MasterCard

29.03.14 00:00 from admin

Withdrawal of funds on the cards VISA / MasterCard issued in any country and in any currency.

Dear our valuable clients!

We are pleased to announce that for your convenience, we have implemented a new payout system that allows you to send your funds to any cards VISA / MasterCard issued in any country and in any currency.

Fee - 5%

Transfer of funds is possible only in U.S. dollars . If your card is not in USD, the money will be converted at the rate of VISA / MasterCard or your bank's rate (depending on the agreement with your bank). It takes 2-4 business days to deliver funds to your card. «Maestro» and «VISA Electron» cards are not supported by our payout system.

During the test period, our administrators have received a lot of questions. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1 . What is displayed in the statement of my card?
Operation appears as : «affiliate payment» or «refund affiliate payment».

2 . Does it matter in which country my card is issued ?
We can fund any card (VISA/MasterCard) in any country.

3 . Is it important the type of my card: credit , debit , etc.?
Yes, it is. On some cards withdrawal is not possible, this is due to the restrictions polices of some banks. For example: you cannot withdraw money through our exchange on the cards issued by PayPal. Some credit cards that does not allow to have a positive balance cannot be funded.
If payout to your card is not possible, then we will immediately notify you and refund the money back to your account.
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Khajiit: har har

Khajiit: fake walls are fake.

lorengom: it wasn't a fake wall. it was $25k burning a hole in someone's pocket.

lorengom: is there an alt rally coming? Sell!

Khajiit: hmm never heard of monehs burning holes in pockets... must hurt eh

piebeyb: hold your nmc :) high price

lorengom: ehhe. I'm selling it while there's support. you'd be crazy to hold.

Khajiit: this will crash so hard

lorengom: yep

lorengom: Khajiit, although, it did just consolidate. Wait and see I guess.

naskalnik: ppc king

lorengom: if it tops .4275, breakout territory. not a lot of resistance up there.

lorengom: wow, that support broke quick.

Khajiit: ehehe

jehst: ppc is slaughtering every coin on this platform right now

saeveritt: jehst, yep

bman990: I knew I should of sold my ltc at .00815 now I'm stuck with them

saeveritt: ppc at .00119 on low volume polo

lorengom: panic sell nmc. go!

jehst: once ppc breaks through .0012 the panic buying will start

saeveritt: jehst, I'm staying up just to watch

lorengom: ok. I'll bite. Why does anyone think ppc will go up tonight?

naskalnik: ppc king

saeveritt: Look what I said January 31st, http://trollboxarchive.com/id/174592226

lorengom: that explains nothing. That's a prediction. based on... what?

saeveritt: Just based on knowing when a break out is going to happen.

saeveritt: It was just an educated guess, i'm not positive of the date

lorengom: saeveritt, yes. based on what? technicals? fundamentals? What?

saeveritt: lorengom, I will type out all of my evidence if you give me a second

jehst: ppc is making higher lows since bottoming in december

lorengom: ok, so it reads like technicals. Fair enough. Maybe an elliot wave or something.

saeveritt: PPCUSD 1wk relative strength index crossing above 50, MACD[12 26 9] converging at zero line and crossed into positive for first time in history. 12hr DMI shows +DI trending upwards with ADX above ADXR. OBV for PPC is in the best state out of any coin on BTCe.

lorengom: yah. that's technicals.

lorengom: you should try trading on the FX then (if you don't already). you probably will do well on the intraday.

jehst: big new release is coming before the end of this month as well

saeveritt: lorengom, ;]

jehst: 0.5.1?

saeveritt: jehst, v0.5.1 right?

jehst: yep.

saeveritt: Weekly update #181 on peercointalk

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