How to protect your account from hacking

15.08.14 00:00 from admin

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The cases of hacking accounts with the use of viruses disguised as trade bots, trading platform, and also subscription for mailout, from which you may catch a virus if you follow a link in it, became more frequent.

In this case protection in the form of confirmation by e-mail is not effective, because malefactor gets an access to your computer and it's open sessions, including to your mail, with the help of Trojan.

Also the cases of hacking accounts using became more frequent. We recommend to use with 2FA.

In this regard we highly recommend not to use a third-party unproven software, not to follow links to the sites that distribute a mailout to pm and chat, and also we recommend to turn the two-factor authentication on. For the moment this is the most reliable protection.

Also use a unique password to your account on the exchange, and another unique password to the e-mail.

Two-factor authentication with the use of Google Authenticator (or another applications).
To protect your account from hacking you should:
1. Create a key in the profile->security
2. Scan the QR code using Google Authenticator (or enter a key into another application)
3. Confirm by entering a single-use password

Following these simple steps you can enable a one time password on for logging in to your account, cash withdrawals, or changing your security settings.

Installation of Google Authenticator:
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