Closing the trading of currency pairs, CNC/BTC

23.06.13 00:57 from admin

Dear participants of the exchange

In view of the minimal volume of currencies pairs CNC/BTC from July 10 trades with them will be closed. CNC/BTC

Withdrawal CNC in the automatic mode will be available until July 20, 2013.

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26.12.13 08:09

My Ticket: #WWH-434-60612
please help!!!



26.12.13 08:05

I tried to submit tickets on your but nobody replied to me.
// My problem:
On 5th July, I deposited 20,000 CNC to my account, (siriusblack304) . And now, the transaction has already 40284 confirmations.
When your site notified to close CNC, I still wasn't received CNC that i deposited before, so I haven't withdrawed that coins yet.

This's transaction details:
Status: 40284 confirmations
Date: 7/5/2013 22:24
To: BTC-e CTxvDPJc5Do7P1uAGPtZdRXyx7erC16d3s
Debit: -20000.00 CNC
Net amount: -20000.00 CNC
Transaction ID: 64333c44513e62e921a8b680673379a66a986352d1be0808b3cde01e5d94c14f
Could you help me withdraw all the CNC to this address, please:

many thanks. :)



01.09.13 17:10

1+ DGC



23.08.13 12:42

DGC should be here, volume, speed, large base of supporters, ...



06.08.13 22:37

Well, this is a good opportunity to include XPM in its place.



06.08.13 05:55

when to add xpm ? Many chinese users wanna play xpm !
check xpm info at :



06.08.13 00:01




05.08.13 18:50




05.08.13 11:35

+1 DGC - good volume on cryptsy



01.08.13 18:30

+1 for WDC

PEPITO: i have full stock on nmmc et ppc ,waiting rocket lunching

JoseVV: poor pepito

dpl5500: Chinese dude from Chappelle show, hello gorgeous

PEPITO: yes cryto doesnt get me rich now

PEPITO: JoseVV, thank you for your compation !!!

JoseVV: 470 incomingggggg

PEPITO: 471 BTCinconming

JoseVV: PEPITO, lol, dont wporry, ppc will rise some day

PEPITO: yes i m exited !! lol

batticus: 3250 here we come again

PEPITO: ok boy's see you later !!time to go work

pegglemaster: coblee brother predicted up to $3500 btc in 2016

GoldDrive: That was before "China banned bitcoin" three million times

pegglemaster: no

Khajiit: Tree Mirion Dorar

BadBitBoy: Why is BTC pumping?

pegglemaster: "CEO of the Bitcoin exchange giant, BTCC, Bobby Lee believes the price will also be exceedingly high over the course of next year. Lee thinks the value could increase after the reward halving, possibly reaching prices as high as $3,500 by next summer."

dpl5500: nom nom nom

GoldDrive: oh sorry thought that said 2013

wescoin: BadBitBoy, whale game... Bitcoin Bubble... Look orderbooks

pegglemaster: huobi nooooo

con2cojones: BadBitBoy, the halving bruh, fomo

batticus: no panic dumps allowed

blackkat: hu! Nice bull trap in the night :)

Sitarow: sleeping in btc is a sound choice.

volyova: eth goin' back up.

Khajiit: yes

Metroid: pegglemaster, lee is very conservative, bitcoin prices could rise as much a $15.000 on this halving bubble hehe, will be so much fun shorters commiting suicide later on ehhe

volyova: $15,000 a pop!!

batticus: green light from china and everyone here sees red :/

pegglemaster: Metroid, eheheheh plz and ty

MrCrabs: Just in Gox reopening. Word has it their going to definitely be doing Litcoin. Who'd have thunk?

TrandoshanMystic: what ever you do dont buy eth - lmao

pegglemaster: +1

TrandoshanMystic: btc up takes all day to gain 7 %, eth gains 7% in 1 hour, dont buy dont buy

pegglemaster: eth peppering for mega shit

Metroid: TrandoshanMystic, i hope they do and go ahead and buy trollcoins, their suicide rate will increase so much and doing that i will sell lot mkore fabricated coffins ehhe, my business have had a successful time on 2013 and i hope now too hehe

batticus: eth gets a dump whenever you least expect it

tecshare: just like my grandpa

TrandoshanMystic: Metroid, < merchant of ded

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