Closing the trading of currency pairs, CNC/BTC

23.06.13 00:57 from admin

Dear participants of the exchange

In view of the minimal volume of currencies pairs CNC/BTC from July 10 trades with them will be closed. CNC/BTC

Withdrawal CNC in the automatic mode will be available until July 20, 2013.

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26.12.13 08:09

My Ticket: #WWH-434-60612
please help!!!



26.12.13 08:05

I tried to submit tickets on your but nobody replied to me.
// My problem:
On 5th July, I deposited 20,000 CNC to my account, (siriusblack304) . And now, the transaction has already 40284 confirmations.
When your site notified to close CNC, I still wasn't received CNC that i deposited before, so I haven't withdrawed that coins yet.

This's transaction details:
Status: 40284 confirmations
Date: 7/5/2013 22:24
To: BTC-e CTxvDPJc5Do7P1uAGPtZdRXyx7erC16d3s
Debit: -20000.00 CNC
Net amount: -20000.00 CNC
Transaction ID: 64333c44513e62e921a8b680673379a66a986352d1be0808b3cde01e5d94c14f
Could you help me withdraw all the CNC to this address, please:

many thanks. :)



01.09.13 17:10

1+ DGC



23.08.13 12:42

DGC should be here, volume, speed, large base of supporters, ...



06.08.13 22:37

Well, this is a good opportunity to include XPM in its place.



06.08.13 05:55

when to add xpm ? Many chinese users wanna play xpm !
check xpm info at :



06.08.13 00:01




05.08.13 18:50




05.08.13 11:35

+1 DGC - good volume on cryptsy



01.08.13 18:30

+1 for WDC

CaptainClaw: identiity, what spiked to 0.0176?

identiity: I said that wrong lol .01976, my bad

CaptainClaw: ah

CaptainClaw: little early to tell IMO i'll wait and see

identiity: I'm not waiting for devcon, even if there is nothing good the anticipation will pay

n3ctar: i bought at .019

identiity: buy the rumor sell the newz right guiz?

identiity: mmm eth mm

identiity: n3ctar, well done, my last buy was @ .01915 after I read the Devcon partnership :D

n3ctar: identiity, should hit .020

identiity: I have a sell @ .03

n3ctar: identiity, 2h chart looks pumpy

identiity: my sells go from .025 to .03

identiity: n3ctar, should be a fun month

n3ctar: identiity, yup

identiity: n3ctar, November, November the moon to remember

n3ctar: identiity, i sold atm gonna go for a run

identiity: n3ctar, fair enough, enjoy. Already been longing a few days already lol

n3ctar: identiity, :)

BGLame: identiity, ETH will reach 0.021 max before going down again

BGLame: LTC will reach 0.0082 max before going down, then back up to around 0.024 in November/December

kneedrag: Do you have what it takes to be a great moderator? Think you can handle the TrollBox? If interested please submit your resume, TrollBox name, and why you would make a good moderator to [email protected]

BGLame: I think i can do that.

BGLame: resume will be send shortly

LibertyTeeth: "moderation in everything, including moderation"

LibertyTeeth: loved Trading Places, Aaron Russo RIP

identiity: what did you ******* say?

GAzQLXAaRV9zNXPF: Aaron Russo good guy

LibertyTeeth: if you remember Greatest American Hero, search "believe it or not george isn't at home" for a laugh

sukovsky: Finally the reversal for NMC and PPc

BGLame: kneedrag: The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. => [email protected]

BGLame: you sure that email is correct :?

downwithgov: :)

sukovsky: This fake volume of btce alts or what??

CaptainClaw: kneedrag, lol

CaptainClaw: BGLame, it's a copy-paste from polo

Rathtain: Got a ticket from lying piece of shit cop today. i reserched him online and found just what a turd he is. The man in the article is not me of course just shows the character of the cop.

Rathtain: Also

BGLame: Ah, CaptainClaw, Thank you for inform me bro. :) i dint know..

Rathtain: This but nugget got fired from another police department for being too much of a turd. it takes serious character flaws to have nazis fire you.

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