Closing the trading of currency pairs, CNC/BTC

23.06.13 00:57 from admin

Dear participants of the exchange

In view of the minimal volume of currencies pairs CNC/BTC from July 10 trades with them will be closed. CNC/BTC

Withdrawal CNC in the automatic mode will be available until July 20, 2013.

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26.12.13 08:09

My Ticket: #WWH-434-60612
please help!!!



26.12.13 08:05

I tried to submit tickets on your but nobody replied to me.
// My problem:
On 5th July, I deposited 20,000 CNC to my account, (siriusblack304) . And now, the transaction has already 40284 confirmations.
When your site notified to close CNC, I still wasn't received CNC that i deposited before, so I haven't withdrawed that coins yet.

This's transaction details:
Status: 40284 confirmations
Date: 7/5/2013 22:24
To: BTC-e CTxvDPJc5Do7P1uAGPtZdRXyx7erC16d3s
Debit: -20000.00 CNC
Net amount: -20000.00 CNC
Transaction ID: 64333c44513e62e921a8b680673379a66a986352d1be0808b3cde01e5d94c14f
Could you help me withdraw all the CNC to this address, please:

many thanks. :)



01.09.13 17:10

1+ DGC



23.08.13 12:42

DGC should be here, volume, speed, large base of supporters, ...



06.08.13 22:37

Well, this is a good opportunity to include XPM in its place.



06.08.13 05:55

when to add xpm ? Many chinese users wanna play xpm !
check xpm info at :



06.08.13 00:01




05.08.13 18:50




05.08.13 11:35

+1 DGC - good volume on cryptsy



01.08.13 18:30

+1 for WDC

ALEmar: hari hari

tarkus909: zombies, arise!

ALEmar: well get ready for a 10% oscillation.. 8.5-9.5 up and down now

tarkus909: or a chainsaw up your tootoo? :)

ALEmar: I am betting on that.. but you know... always hard to tell whether people get it or not

Danny0401: eth will rise hard, possibly to $100

rico666cz: why should it?

vinkiessss: cause eth is backed with millions and millions usd euro etc

sukovsky: Paycoin 100 2 months

sukovsky: I mean eth

liptak: Danny0401, ??

JoseVV: kraken selling eth sub 8.5

liptak: plz go to and ask to add eth btc-e charts.

emirc: add ltc/ppc !

BTCBanana: eth is a scam

BTCBanana: eth speculators are zombies

Pkhung85: who's got the balls to call eth

BTB: ETH is a SHT coin, trade it to acquire BTC; you'll know when to dump it for good when the shoe shine boy is telling you how wealthy he is from trading it..

Pkhung85: 12 hours to pump btc to 460!! cmon!!

BTB: ETH is loved by Wall Street because it can be printed ad infinitum while inflation on the coin stays constant @ZERO.

BTB: while ETH is not inflation resistant, it mimicks the characteristics of inflation resistance, for now.

Pkhung85: get bitcoin now before china declares it as official currency :p

nicolasgabriel: dumps incoming....

sergueiserguei: oh yeah more dumps

BTB: is calling the 10 Year Note yield to 1% or lower, that should be enough to induce panic among fiat traders.

sergueiserguei: oh yeah negative rates. Bring on the money tax. Oh yeah. Punish the safe savers. Oh yeah. Go Trump

BTB: no one to punish, no one has anything left to save.

sergueiserguei: Oh no no man. There is a lot of savings.

sergueiserguei: DeutchBank quote: "In this case, central banks should move more strongly toward penalizing savings, rather than just the institutions that “house” those savings – the banks."

BTB: oh, I don't think ETH is a big hit in QEur, RUR or CNH, yet; wisdom does not have it on site and I don't think china cares since they currently control BTC / LTC.

sergueiserguei: I cant believe they can come up with something like that. They made BAD trades and should be rewarded while good smart savers get punished.

BTB: that's how it should be.

BTB: savers are lazy, they sit on their piles of cash all day with no understanding of how to trade it, they should just wrap their gold coin in a cloth and bury it in the ground.

sergueiserguei: BTB, maybe some are like that. Other save until they have enough to make something out of it

BTB: now, they must work a little harder..

BTB: or stash the cash in BTC : )

sergueiserguei: well thats the positive of all this, more reason to hold

pr0zac: Well I'm so glad i bought ETH at .0206!

BTCBanana: so if you read American printer terms they are caching all your printed documents and IP address lol

sukovsky: Ermagurd NMC bottoms in.

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