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06.04.13 04:05 from admin

Happy trading!

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09.04.13 00:39

It has been over 24 hours and my terracoin deposit still is at zero confirmations. What's goin on?



08.04.13 20:49

Kak vivesti TRC ? probuju vivesti ljubojo koljichestvo TRC, pishet:
Вы превысили дневной лимит на вывод!



08.04.13 07:16

I'm amazed the TRC exchange rate hasn't been affected much



08.04.13 05:09

Are there any plans for more responsive customer support?



08.04.13 04:19

automatism, TRC guys still can't find even one block... for 7 hours



08.04.13 02:58

Any update on the TRC network issue and estimated timing for letting clients withdraw their TRC?



08.04.13 01:57

zaqwas, LuckyMilionair, It is huge problem with TRC network right now, check bitcointalk for details... chains is halted because of extreme diff change (some big hash guys constantly and repeteavily jokes on it)...

PS I'm in same boat with you with my 240 TRC



08.04.13 01:50

I waiting more than hour for confirmation TRC, and still no confirmation.



08.04.13 01:36

The Exchange has a serious problem. Before two hours and 45 minutes I made a deposit of 1299 TRC and even have them available. Not a no confirmations. On Vircurex is much faster! This is not right! When will my TRC will be available for trading? This happens often? We are not traded in this way. Thank you.



08.04.13 00:32

очень нужен nmc/usd или nmc/rur

bitcoinminer2012: i would post my prisoner id #'s, but then you would know who i am

bitcoinminer2012: the apiarist can dox me pretty fkn easy though lol

rassalas: True dat.

rassalas: Has been thrown in jail in my younger days, don't remember the number though.

kneedrag: rassalas, go suck on soros teet some more

bitcoinminer2012: all prison did for me was make me lose my fear of prisons

Harry_Buttchin: What makes you think hillary or Trump are going to change anything? They are both slaves and so are we. They are just the slaves in front of the camera.

bitcoinminer2012: but we must believe in our sham elections, and our sham 2 tiered justice system

rassalas: Bernie!

kneedrag: lol

bitcoinminer2012: feel the bern

bitcoinminer2012: yep, berned is right

rassalas: As a bernie supporter when Trump talks about how the election might be rigged, I kind of agree with him.

kneedrag: did you see the new leaks about bernie being paid off by hillary to endorse her?

kneedrag: "how do you think he got his new vacation home?"

bitcoinminer2012: lol

bitcoinminer2012: the emails just keep getting better

kneedrag: how many weeks did they say they would dropping leaks for?

dermaink: all of the net being ddos bet its the UN

rassalas: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2016/10/bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-podesta-emails-wikileaks/

theguy39: Anyone think dash is gonna move or got any news or related information

kneedrag: if it is a coin that is traded here, chances are you shouldn't expect much movement. they never do.

kneedrag: i hear other places have coins that move, but im really not positive.

blazo: i feel like it's a good time to buy REP. i think it hit the bottom from the launch a couple weeks ago. but who knows how far it will/can fall, no one

blazo: happy eth is holding over .019 - im kind of expecting a larger dump at some point during the hard fork business and then a rise after if all went well

blazo: dash should remain solid with steady growth back to .018 ish

monkeymaker: Hi, My Name's Monkey-Maker

JoseVV: hmmmm sell

JoseVV: my name is sell

monkeymaker: sell -> lles -> lies -> buy

JoseVV: sell = relax = buy lower = lambo soon

rj4321: oh man huge newq highs on huobi

rj4321: megaupload 2 got its 1+M in funding for 20M evaluation

JoseVV: I read that news hours ago

rj4321: lol news, it met the limit when i posted on here about it well over 10 hrs ago

rj4321: so what was that number jose? 4325 high enough?

rj4321: remember "...one of us knows"?

rj4321: guess one of us did, every market is up on the 24hr

JoseVV: I am not buying... I dont know where is going

JoseVV: if it breaks 4400 then maybe I could think about 4700 or more

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