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06.04.13 04:05 from admin

Happy trading!

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09.04.13 00:39

It has been over 24 hours and my terracoin deposit still is at zero confirmations. What's goin on?



08.04.13 20:49

Kak vivesti TRC ? probuju vivesti ljubojo koljichestvo TRC, pishet:
Вы превысили дневной лимит на вывод!



08.04.13 07:16

I'm amazed the TRC exchange rate hasn't been affected much



08.04.13 05:09

Are there any plans for more responsive customer support?



08.04.13 04:19

automatism, TRC guys still can't find even one block... for 7 hours



08.04.13 02:58

Any update on the TRC network issue and estimated timing for letting clients withdraw their TRC?



08.04.13 01:57

zaqwas, LuckyMilionair, It is huge problem with TRC network right now, check bitcointalk for details... chains is halted because of extreme diff change (some big hash guys constantly and repeteavily jokes on it)...

PS I'm in same boat with you with my 240 TRC



08.04.13 01:50

I waiting more than hour for confirmation TRC, and still no confirmation.



08.04.13 01:36

The Exchange has a serious problem. Before two hours and 45 minutes I made a deposit of 1299 TRC and even have them available. Not a no confirmations. On Vircurex is much faster! This is not right! When will my TRC will be available for trading? This happens often? We are not traded in this way. Thank you.



08.04.13 00:32

очень нужен nmc/usd или nmc/rur

lifeiseasy: i wanted i faster eth graph, but didnt see it on bitcoinwisdom

n3ctar: lifeiseasy, https://cryptowat.ch/poloniex/ethbtc

lifeiseasy: n3ctar, perfect. thanks!

n3ctar: lifeiseasy, np:)

identiity: okcoin's sell/buy metric has turned bearish

overflow714: ETH for skids

nicebargain: Oh no nmc

n3ctar: oh so etc jumped a little because btc is down

n3ctar: eth moon soon

n3ctar: .022 easy

n3ctar: i think

lifeiseasy: wow.. everything going down.. something must be going up?

cisengineer: $0.022 got it.

javeshamu: Dash going up

liptak: nmc yess

nicebargain: all is well

identiity: guis eth is getting accumulated right now, do your thing

General_Tso: jesus just as i get finished talking shit about italians they get slammed by an earthquake i honestly never wanted that to happen but you cant say they didnt have it coming.. thats what they get for segregating the black italians to sicily

batticus: link pls

identiity: wot

General_Tso: go to bing . com its on front page

General_Tso: its prolly on front page of most sites

identiity: shet

batticus: interesting

identiity: I know somebody that is going on holiday close to there now

identiity: Mamma Mia!!

General_Tso: yea i guess the gods decided they need to be shakin up a bit.. a taste of their own medicine ya see

General_Tso: identiity, it hit central italy no body holidays there so they are safe.. maybe stuck at airport for a bit longer thats it

identiity: does anyone wanna panic sell me all their eth?

General_Tso: i jsut took a fat shit thaat stained the bowl how much is that worth in eth

identiity: General_Tso, I hope everyone is alrightr

eksperteille: Here. Have a zillion.

avecyd: only a matter of time before ppc and nmc delisted

General_Tso: identiity, yea its pretty sad honestly because a lot of people are trapped under the rubble i hate when that shit happens

identiity: :(

identiity: I think the guy I know is going to south Italy, Rudy where you @ boi

ProfessorBlunt: It's funny how people say it is because of the glass ceiling that women aren't the heads of innovative companies. denying what they see in reality. That women never innovate and do the same stupid shit dayin, day out

General_Tso: yea im sure they all good just everyone is gonna be depressed its really gonna ruin their holiday because the italians all feel the same thing

General_Tso: unless they vacation in areas where there are tons of kids than the parents pretend like nothing happened so the kids have fun

General_Tso: im sure the drinks are half off today

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