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06.04.13 04:05 from admin

Happy trading!

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09.04.13 00:39

It has been over 24 hours and my terracoin deposit still is at zero confirmations. What's goin on?



08.04.13 20:49

Kak vivesti TRC ? probuju vivesti ljubojo koljichestvo TRC, pishet:
Вы превысили дневной лимит на вывод!



08.04.13 07:16

I'm amazed the TRC exchange rate hasn't been affected much



08.04.13 05:09

Are there any plans for more responsive customer support?



08.04.13 04:19

automatism, TRC guys still can't find even one block... for 7 hours



08.04.13 02:58

Any update on the TRC network issue and estimated timing for letting clients withdraw their TRC?



08.04.13 01:57

zaqwas, LuckyMilionair, It is huge problem with TRC network right now, check bitcointalk for details... chains is halted because of extreme diff change (some big hash guys constantly and repeteavily jokes on it)...

PS I'm in same boat with you with my 240 TRC



08.04.13 01:50

I waiting more than hour for confirmation TRC, and still no confirmation.



08.04.13 01:36

The Exchange has a serious problem. Before two hours and 45 minutes I made a deposit of 1299 TRC and even have them available. Not a no confirmations. On Vircurex is much faster! This is not right! When will my TRC will be available for trading? This happens often? We are not traded in this way. Thank you.



08.04.13 00:32

очень нужен nmc/usd или nmc/rur

dermaink: AI troll program

kneedrag: you have one?

dermaink: doesn't everyone

kneedrag: dang why am i always the last one to know

Kryptographic: btc about to make its move

rsilva11: 8| Cant even trade nvc

kneedrag: ppc = pure poop coin

upi4u: etc has cause great pain to all cryptos

rsilva11: I will admit I made a decent profit on etc but I am out and now it will fall

rsilva11: BTC still heading east :/

rsilva11: nothing to see here. L8r

Kryptographic: m0o0o0oo0o0o0o0o0o0o0on! breakout uptrend conf

timonex: china bedtime pamp...likely followed by a damp.

Kryptographic: it's saturday night, no bedtime

Kryptographic: drunk bying time

salimkhan215: kneedrag, +1

dazza: i'm drinking 'canadian club' whisky atm - it is a shit whisky - my friend suggested it - clearly he has no taste

salimkhan215: btc at top of daily range, take some fiat out for rebuy later

salimkhan215: protip: dont drink whiskey it burns your throat and tastes terrible

dazza: salimkhan215, protip - hahah - i love whiskey

salimkhan215: dazza, you smoke weed too?

dazza: no

timonex: Kryptographic, like I said...pamp + damp. don't trade drunk bro.

rassalas: Tequila, Burns your throat, tastes terrible Arriva!

rassalas: Gin Straight no lime!

rassalas: hiccup!

dermaink: good ole american whiskey drink it like a man str8 from the bottle

bitcoinminer2012: tequila is ok. pulque & mezcal is better

pr0zac: You're supposed to add water.

bitcoinminer2012: make you crawl like the alligator senor

dermaink: Herradura tequila the best

bitcoinminer2012: si

bitcoinminer2012: herradura has mescaline in it. blue agave is a relative to peyote lol

bitcoinminer2012: make you stay up all night yelling "arrrrrrrriba !"

con2cojones: bitcoinminer2012, that is bs, mexifag here.

bitcoinminer2012: about 2 liters should do it

bitcoinminer2012: you never drank enough to feel te mescaline. admit it

bitcoinminer2012: after 2 liters, you will see colors. trust me

bitcoinminer2012: you might wreck your car as well

bitcoinminer2012: it was probably oxygen deprivation, but i'll never admit it. that sht was wicked lol

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