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corax: trying before 15, after 15, before 16, after 16...

happychina: 4 or 5 months

ze0spal: last 576 blocks 95.1%

ama: Remember, guys, money doesn't make happiness. It buys it already made.

namcambtc: 0.04 ltc/btc

alvintang: Oh wait, polo decided to head up again

Fitness: If you think wealth is happiness you must not be wealthy

marc_willemsen: happychina, big mining rig?

ksllercvv: trap sell now

ze0spal: Ltc is on fire

Liduorf1: Fitness, +10

happychina: 400gh or so

maxer: +22 fitness

marc_willemsen: happychina, nice! well done!!

happychina: diff did not go up much but now l3plus come out

irtzashahanpk: i think we gonna correct to 15.3

happychina: diff up to much me cry =( lol

facth: normally dumps begin before event (this case Sgw lock in). Well, not dump but a little correction this case

z1ka: facth, patience. dont panic buy. it will come

HooK: ama money can't buy happiness, I agree, but who needs happyness when you have MONEY!

KINGLTC: HooK, lol. having no money makes you miserable and unhealthy. having too much money makes you an a-hole if you don't really work hard at helping others with your good fortune

Communism: health and happiness are simply derivatives of wealth << Reality

Fitness: HooK, Most dead stars

hypnoxynta: shake, shake, shake ur money makeer

Fitness: You guys are insane

eddylite: HooK: Then why all those rich celebrities are full of drugs?

Fitness: The happiest people in the world are the poor ones

marc_willemsen: happychina, I'm a really really small player with ony 380 ltc but got in with 600 dollar and made almost 10x profit so I'm happy :)

happychina: nice =)

Fitness: I mean look at the stats how many stars millionaires kill themselves from depression ???

KINGLTC: Fitness, having money won't make you unhappy. you just have to make sure you use the money for good things and help people.

H3rra: Fitness, dont talk about hookers now, Ill get a boner :)))

HooK: KINGLTC Help others??? With my money?!? HELL NO!!!

Fitness: KINGLTC, I did that from $0

Fitness: H3rra, lmao

facth: Fitness, so true..

Fitness: HooK, <--- bad bad person

KINGLTC: HooK, lol ok fine have it your way

HooK: eddylite Fitness Yes, full of drugs, died happy...

techrestore: marc_willemsen, well done my friend :D

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