Closing the trading of currency pairs, RUC/BTC

23.02.13 09:41 from admin

Dear participants of the exchange

In view of the minimal volume of currencies pairs RUC/BTC from march 10 trades with them will be closed. RUC/BTC

Withdrawal RUC in the automatic mode will be available until march 20, 2013.

Yours support
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28.04.13 05:18

I only had a few Dollars worth of RUC... but totally weak that I can't access it now. How can I even find out how to spend it elsewhere? What happened to all the RUC in the exchange? Where's my RUC? Please send me a private message to clarify.



24.04.13 20:34

Reopen RUC! Or you should exchange RUC to BTC, and return BTC to us.



23.04.13 23:41

Reopen RUC! You fucking stole my coins!



22.04.13 18:24

where is my ruc ?



22.04.13 12:32

Plz, reopen RUC, we need it, it will be patriotic!



05.04.13 18:26

reopen ruc we want to trade it! RUC will be pumping, don't kill it



04.04.13 22:59

reopen ruc we want to trade it!



01.03.13 04:25

is anyone else confused? a great new client release, mining activity goes way up, which only leaves one thing to do, close trading on it... duuuuuuh



25.02.13 11:10

В целом, такое положение дел логично. Я сочувствующий рукошкам, однако не могу не признать, что нахождение в подполье btc-e тоже не жизнь, потому надо делать свой обменник и работать. Если не связываться с реальными валютами USD-EUR-RUR, то организация обменника это чисто технический вопрос.



23.02.13 19:36

Я этого не переживу...

Metroid: finite_element, its a trap coin, you bu then it goes high high and then hell ehhe, if you buy you have to sell as fast as you did buy hehe

finite_element: ProfessorBlunt, thought psychotic was along the lines of "doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome"

finite_element: ProfessorBlunt, I have been mistaken though lol

finite_element: We need to show some love for ltc, if the developers only cared to spread some word on the project with the public

finite_element: Metroid, do you own eth?

finite_element: Metroid, for your coffin?

ProfessorBlunt: new trader is psychotic

finite_element: I'm not selling today

finite_element: that may be psychotic

Metroid: finite_element, no, i only owned and own cause i mine just a single trollcoij and that is ltc ehhe, i dont trade trollcoins hehe cause they are all scam coins ehhe

vinkiessss: just check te volume of eth. says enough if thats scam its a better scam than bit and litecioin

vinkiessss: but bitcoin will hit muun 2 so i am a happy dude

newtrader2014: ProfessorBlunt, you're a bum. Full stop!

JoseVV: nooooooo

ProfessorBlunt: Full retard

doemaninc: there willl be blood sell now

doemaninc: everyone is doing it dont wait!

JoseVV: 384 megawall!!!

JoseVV: omg okcoin 2589

JoseVV: 2585!!!

JoseVV: wake up trolls!!!

Sitarow: zZzZzZ

JoseVV: fegs

lorengom: since when is 200 a megawall?

JoseVV: ok....1200btc at 390 is a megawall?

lorengom: yah, that's pretty big

JoseVV: hehe

lorengom: I think its bait though.

oaeoue: did you read this article ?

mybtx: never up 400 in feb

oaeoue: its very interesting

emirc: bitcoin crypto hyperpump C O N F I R M E D

doemaninc: hyperdump*

lorengom: houbi@393?

pr0zac: Why did I buy at 387??

lorengom: pr0zac, good entry point?

doemaninc: better keep your night job

lorengom: bull hammer forming on the half hour.

lorengom: if we're still here when the half hour crosses, we go up.

JCX: pr0zac, because you thought it was a good idea or investment ?

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