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KINGLTC: HooK, lol ok fine have it your way

HooK: eddylite Fitness Yes, full of drugs, died happy...

techrestore: marc_willemsen, well done my friend :D

KINGLTC: Fitness, i don't care if others do anything positive with their money. i'm going to though

Communism: poor people don't go into suicide statistics because dead homeless people don't go into statistics << Reality

Fitness: If i have only $20 in my pocket i would give it to someone else even if it was my last and it has been many times

alvintang: Fitness, happiness without wealth?

Fitness: alvintang, Always

eddylite: Better have happiness during life, when you dieit' s too late

RAK3: Communism is from another reality :)

monoton: Fitness, and what if you have 20,000 in your pocket

H3rra: Was thinking "fuck it, i go to club, to avoid to do stupid things like sell early " and I went All The Way Up :)))

Fitness: You make more you spend more you need more you get more you get bored you scratch your head more

KINGLTC: i'm being buried with my ltc. no one can have it, sorry guys

Fitness: monoton, Who knows i dint walk about yet with that in my pocket

johnnyt: Staring at the blank page before you. Open up the dirty window. Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find. Reaching for something in the distance

facth: i dont want money from crypto for be so reeaccchhh.. But for cover my necesities. then live nicely

H3rra: Lol, best investment ever

nfuse: Fitness, LOL

Bitcoinicon: woooooooooooooooooooooo Good MORNING!

monoton: Fitness, lol yeah

Communism: Being rich and unhappy is simply a sign of weakness of will

doctorkesh: who is this idiot selling at 15.65?

facth: i think one million dorra would do the trick my case xD

Fitness: Truth is always funny i tell you that much

Bitcoinicon: Fitness, people hate the truth, ecpecialy women

monoton: doctorkesh, one who wants to buy at 15.40

mim016: Just look at the Chart. Looks like a Hilll

KINGLTC: Communism, something about reading comments about money next to your name makes me laugh

eddylite: facth: Me neither: It's fun, eductive and some extra pocket money for me

RAK3: Money vibrates on lower frequencies

ashokgtm: doctorkesh, because the idiot can buy cheaper elsewhere

maxer: lol women

Communism: :P

Rabiul: fitness@ u are real hero

Fitness: Bitcoinicon, women are our back bone they are actually stronger in many ways than us men

Fitness: Rabiul, Bro just real thats it no hero no whale just real

docvala: time for correction

H3rra: What I have heard, if you have more than 5m€ its getting more just burden than joy for most

KINGLTC: alright you guys i gotta go eat some dinner. when i get back i expect you to have ltc over $16. best of luck everyone!!!

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